How to render with KeyShot (Pdf file 7.2 MB)

Coloring with PhotoShop (Pdf file 2.3 MB)

Tips&Tricks (Pdf file 240 kb)

Illumination with MentalRay (Pdf file 730k)

This tutorials are made for my students of the
Florence Design Academy. All 3D tutorials are for the software 3D Studio Max !

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3D Logo Design (
Pdf file 4 .1 MB)

Chair Modeling Tutorial (Pdf file 5.5 Mb)

Caustic Effects with Mental Ray (Pdf file 400k)

Lighting with
Mental Ray
(Pdf file 2,5 Mb)

"Making Of" image of KARIES

"Making Of" image of FDA IMPERIAL

Illumination - default renderer coming soon

"coming soon" tutorials:

V-Ray Materials
Rendering with V-Ray
Max 9 A&D Materials
Virtual Walk Trough with Radiosity
Fabric simulation for Architects and Interior Designers
Ambient occlusion for interiors and product design
Water Simulation
Smoke Simulation
Real world alignment for architects
Real Sun light simulation for buildings and Interiors
Car modeling
Vray tutorial 3ds max
I-ray tutorial 3D studio max


Materials in Mental Ray

Compositing Tutorial coming soon

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